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Olis API

The Olis application supports a number of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with the main ones being:

  • Graphs API
    • used to manage Virtual and Real graphs within an Olis instance
  • Query API
    • used to receive and process queries asked of an Olis instance's data holdings
    • this API uses the Virtual and Real graphs of an Olis instance to send queries to Olis to the appropriate 'chunks' of data in the system
    • a standard SPARQL query language and graph management protocol API
    • this API is usually access through the Olis Graph and Query APIs, but it's always there for you to use directly too

More information about the Olis APIs, including standard documentation like Open API docs, is available with each Olis' built-in documentation and more will be available shortly, as Olis' availability status changes. See Status.